Finale: Many thanks

Many thanks for visiting my IceStage Archive website. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together. I would be interested to know how you learned about the site and any thoughts you have about what you’ve seen here.

The sport of figure skating has been exceedingly well documented, published, and worshipfully enshrined. Unfortunately the equally important international history of skating as art and entertainment has been very badly neglected. I feel strongly that this situation should be rectified. So, for almost seventy years I’ve been collecting theatrical skating memorabilia to document its many stars, amazing changes, and great developments.

It’s rewarding when visitors, especially skaters, tell me that they’ve learned something from The IceStage Archive. Some have expressed surprise that Sonja Henie did not invent the ice show. Others now know that for many years you could see wonderful skating on a small stage of ice while dining in an elegant theatre restaurant at a five star hotel, or that you could watch a first-run film in a magnificent movie palace, followed by a fantastic live ice show. Another important point in this history is that hundreds of skaters who were not champions enjoyed gratifying careers with rare travel opportunities doing something they loved, using their skills and talents as entertainers in ice shows.

Sadly, many people feel that things from the past are not worth keeping and, not knowing about the ice show world, have thrown away historic material. If you believe that might be the fate of some of your skating memorabilia I would appreciate hearing from you.

I believe my extensive archive needs to be displayed and available for enjoyment and research so people can learn about this rich history. While I am seeking such a permanent situation for the collection, The IceStage Archive is open by appointment only. If you are in—or coming to—Minneapolis, please do contact me to set a time to come for a visit.

Roy Blakey
Former show skater and IceStage Archive creator